857 - Erbe der Aphilie
The Aphilie Legacy
Kurt Mahr

On the Moon, a whole sector of Nathan starts requiring huge amounts of energy. Payne Hamiller goes investigating but before leaving, he informs Boyt Margor, who has enslaved him mentally.

Nathan makes contact with Hamiller through Raphael, and he explains that what he is undertaking is destined to serve the humanity. Raphael walks Hamiller through the sector and explains to him that in order to achieve this mysterious task, Nathan is using jellyfish-like creatures called the Verknotians. The Aphilians discovered these creatures in the maelstrom and discovered that they were able to miniaturize any kind of components, hence making up for the absence of Sigan technology.

The Aphilians started a program to create a big fleet in case they would have to evacuate and Nathan took over in order to undertake the project. However, Raphael tells Hamiller that the Verknotians need an extra supply of howalgonium in order to finish their task.

Hamiller decides to trust Nathan and has howalgonium shipped to the Moon. In exchange, he learns the name of the object that Nathan is creating: the Base.

Cedric Beust

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