855 - Spektrum des Geistes
The Ghost of the Spirit
Ernst Vlcek

Boyt Margor tells his story to the psychologist...

In 3491, Virna Maloy, a resident from Gaia, followed a Karzel-Kold, a Vincranian, inside Provcon-Faust. Karzel-Kold wanted to investigate the Zwottans, a civilization that creates objects called psychods using their mental forces.

A year later, Virna Maloy gave birth to a child who seemed to be influenced by the psychods. She went back on Gaia but left the child with the Zwottans. Six years later, a Vincranian brought the child back to Virna Maloy, who baptized him Boyt Margor. Soon, the boy started showing powerful parapsychic abilities.

After his mother's death, Boyt Margor decided to use his skills to create a power by enslaving people, not hesitating to kill anyone who would get in his way. A few years later, he confronted three other Gaian mutants, Howatzer, Vapido and Gedan, who freed his slaves and forced him to flee.

Margor destroyed the psychods that his father had left him so that nobody else would be able to use them.

At the end of the interview, Margor kills the psychologist.

Cedric Beust

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