854 - Mutanten von Gäa
Mutants from Gaia
H.G. Francis

On January 1st, 3586, Julian Tifflor, now elected as First Terran, creates the League of the Free Terrans (LFT). Mutoghmann Scerp tells Rhodan that a new organization has been created, with the goal of being a successor to the GAVOK.

Payne Hamiller receives a request from a colleague to help him investigate the recent discovery of a pre-Minoan civilization. The scientists discover tablets mentioning the name Pan-Thau-Ra. Nothing else can be found about this name except that it is supposed to bring disaster.

A team of three mutants is actively tracking Margor. They manage to locate the base of the renegade mutant but the criminal has already left.

Cedric Beust

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