853 - Heimat der Menschen
Home of Humanity
H.G. Francis

The Operation Pilgrim starts: humans from Gaia and other places in the Milky Way migrate toward the Earth, some with reluctance. One of the shuttles discovers a mutant capable of turning himself invisible called Volter Throynbee. When the news reaches Julian Tifflor, his secretary informs a mutant called Boyt Margor who forces him to commit suicide. When the shuttle reaches the Earth, Throynbee escapes and disappears.

Margos manipulates the young scientist Hamiller with his psychic abilities and convinces him to be a part of the new government. Tifflor applies to become head of state. The Terrans finally find the dead body of Throynbee, murdered by Margor.

On Olymp, Kershyll Vanne receives a call from It.

Cedric Beust

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