852 - Insel zwischen den Sternen
The Island between the Stars
Clark Darlton

The political situation on the Sol becomes more tense every day, as the Solanians, in majority on the spaceship, demand that Atlan give them control of the spaceship. On their way toward a galaxy baptized Blue Eye, where Rhodan's crystal is leading them, they find an abandoned space station. The space station is actually occupied by Hulkoos, who arrived there two months earlier but ran out of energy and were therefore incapable to reach Blue Eye, more than 1.3 million light-years away.

The Hulkoos capture the Terran commando sent on the station and requests from Atlan that he calls other Hulkoos to the rescue, or he will kill the hostages. Atlan refuses to comply but since the station is now protected by a Paratron shield, he is helpless to help the hostages.

Using a new weapon called the Psi Reflector, the Hulkoos neutralize the mutants, but they don't know that the station is hosting other creatures called Bautoks. The Bautoks are an insectoid race loyal to the Empress of Therm. When they understand the role of the Terrans, they deactivate the shield and help free the hostages.

The Sol takes the Bautoks on board and continues its journey toward the galaxy Blue Eye.

Cedric Beust

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