848 - die letzte Bastion
Titan, the Last Bastion
Kurt Mahr

Titan is the last place in the Solar System that the Heavies still control. Hotrenor-Taak offers his help to Julian Tifflor to reconquer it. The Laren flies to the fortress and is greeted by the Heavies, who don't know that he is now working for the Terrans. Hotrenor-Taak places a bomb in the central command and when it blows up, the Heavies abandon Titan.

Meanwhile, a young Terran scientist called Payne Hamiller determines that the sun Medallion is the source of increasingly violent perturbations, sign that it is soon going to turn into a black hole.

It puts Kershyll Vanne and Homer G. Adams (who is on Eden II, the new world of the Concept) in contact, and the 7D man learns that Medallion and Goblin are being turned into black holes in order to create an interdimensional tunnel that will bring the Earth back in the Solar System.

Cedric Beust

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