847 - Metamorphose
H.G. Ewers

Still spying on the Metamorphs, Anson Argyris learns that they intend to infiltrate Provcon Faust and then duplicate the main Terran personalities with a view to rule over the Milky Way on the long term. Kershyll Vanne and Ronald Tekener suddenly materialize among the Metamorphs and are immediately incapacitated. Then two Metamorphs take their shape and return to their spaceship.

At the same moment, nineteen Metamorphs undergo a metamorphosis, an event that only happens once in their lifetime and turns them into violent creatures. Anson Argyris captures the two fake Vanne and Tekener and neutralize the nineteen changed Metamorphs. Then he addresses the other Metamorphs and tells them he knows everything about their plans. He offers them to cooperate with the Terrans but the Metamorphs decide to flee. They all leave Olymp.

Cedric Beust

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