846 - Die Flucht des Laren
The Escape of the Laren
Ernst Vlcek

Julian Tifflor, Kershyll Vanne and Ronald Tekener, who carries Tako Kakuta's consciousness, arrive on Olymp to assist Anson Argyris against the Metamorphs.

Hotrenor-Taak's spaceship breaks down and he is rescued by a Gavok ship. The Laren is then tried in a martial court but the Arkonide Daroque, who recognized the former Laren commander, escapes in a shuttle with him in order to secure his knowledge for his own people. However, a Heavy called Trookan hid in the shuttle and stops their escape. Trookan is actually a clone of the former first Hetran, Leticron.

Trookan turns Hotrenor-Taak in to the Terrans, who tells them that he saw through the plan devised by Kershyll Vanne but ordered the Laren fleet to go through the Black Hole anyway. He hopes to receive some sympathy from the Terrans by convincing them that he acted in the interest of the human race.

Cedric Beust

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