844 - Fremde auf Olymp
Strangers on Olymp
H.G. Ewers

In a distant past, the Gys-Voolberahs, also known as Metamorphs, were at the head of an empire spanning several galaxies called the Tba. Their empire eventually collapsed and only a few survivors remained. In 3585, they decide to meet in order to revive the Tba and emissaries coming from five different galaxies converge toward the rendezvous point: Olymp.

Taking the appearance of various Milky Way citizens and random spaceships, including the one from Tengri Lethos, the Guardian of the Light, who left his spaceship behind him, they manage to land on Olymp unnoticed.

A total of 280 Metamorphs are now on Olymp, but Anson Argyris is keeping them under a close watch, thanks to his subterranean installations.

Cedric Beust

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