843 - Die Frühträumer
The Early Dreamers
H.G. Francis

The Laren fleet arrives in the Dakkar dimension in the middle of a conflict beteween the Zgmahkonians and the Larens that got trapped when the hyperspace bubble shut down after the last dimensional tunnel collapsed. The successors of the Specialists of the Nights have taken the name "Early Dreamers" and they are now leading the Zgmahkonian people against the Larens. With the support of the fleet coming from the Milky Way, the Larens take control of the hyperspace bubble.

The two parties sign an agreement to stop hostilities but the Larens demand that the Early Dreamers be executed. Two of them manage to escape.

In the Milky Way, a resistance movement against the Operation Pilgrim is gaining momentum as Kershyll Vanne announces to Julian Tifflor that It intends to bring the Earth back to the Milky Way very soon.

A report coming from Olymp indicates that unidentified creatures have appeared there, and Anson Argyris decides to investigate.

Cedric Beust

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