842 - Tor in die Unendlichkeit
Gate into the Infinity
H.G. Francis

In March 3585, the Arcur Beta black hole finally stabilizes but Hotrenor-Taak has last minute doubts. He still can't completely trusts the Keloskians and decides to withdraw the fleet from the area and see if any spaceship comes to investigate, which would indicate that the black hole is indeed a trap.

A spaceship of the Heavies arrives in the vicinity and Hotrenor-Taak sees his suspicion confirmed. The Terrans are consternated when they realize that the Larens are not going to leave the galaxy, and Kershyll Vanne decides to attempt a last trick. Using the fact that Hotrenor-Taak trusts him since he saved his life, he sends a short message to the Laren telling him that they don't have a lot of time left before the dimensional tunnel shuts down.

Hotrenor-Taak finally decides to comply and gives orders to the whole Laren fleet to enter the black hole. Hotrenor-Taak's lieutenant, decides to take over and takes control of the spaceship. He becomes the new First Hetran but Hotrenor-Taak manages to leave the SVE ship before he gets killed.

The Laren fleet disappears in the black hole.

Cedric Beust

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