841 - Die Glaswelt
The Glass World
Clark Darlton

Rhodan wakes up on a world with huge glass constructions shattered everywhere. In the vicinity, he sees Bulloc whos seems to be immersed in a deep meditation. During his exploration, he finds a rodent who shows some startling signs of intelligence. After a few communication attempts, the rodent appears to be nobody else than Ellert.

Ellert and his dual personality, Ashdon, have been recruited by It to assist Rhodan. Rhodan and Ellert are then attacked by a robot in the shape of a spider that seems to be able to locate organic beings. The robot is part of the ancient civilization that once destroyed the inhabitants of this world when they attempted to turn the whole continent into a giant greenhouse. Rhodan escapes the robot by fleeing in a cave.

Finally, Bulloc wakes up and calls Rhodan back. When the incarnation notices that the rodent actually posesses two consciousnesses, he tries to subdue them but fails. Ellert and Ashdon abandon the body of the animal and are then taken by It on Eden II, the world of the Concepts. Then Bulloc takes Rhodan inside the sphere and they fly off to some unknown destination.

Guided by the two crystals, the Sol arrives on the Glass World shortly thereafter and the crew realizes that once again, they are too late and that Rhodan is already gone.

Cedric Beust

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