838 - Paradies der Feuerflieger
The Paradise of the Fireplanes
Kurt Mahr

Nathan builds eight spaceships which are then used to transfer the Fireplanes to their new home, the fourth planet of the sun Chanquor. The Concepts settle on Goshmo's Castle and set up eight gigantic fictive transmitters, which are soon triggered to initiate the split of the planet.

Grukel Athosien tells Bull that after this project is over, the Earth will be changing location but he won't disclose any more information.

A Hulkoo spaceship that was monitoring everything informs Bardioc of the recent events, and in response, the super-intelligences tells him that from now on, the area surrounding the Medallion system is forbidden to all Hulkoos.

Finally, the last phase of the plan is activated: the Concepts leave IT's consciousness, but instead of rematerializing on Eden II, they appear on the Earth.

Cedric Beust

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