837 - Im Bann des Neutronensterns
Under the Influence of the Neutron Star
Kurt Mahr

Hotrenor-Taak is still suspicious of the Keloskians, and he forces them to be the first one to go through the gigantic transmitter created by the collapse or Arcur-Beta. The Laren doesn't know that the Keloskians had anticipated this reaction and that they will actually take this opportunity to join Dobrak in the galaxy of the Empress of Therm. The Keloskians are sent on an SVE ship along with Kershyll Vanne.

Tifflor, who is hosting Tako Kakuta's consciousness, arrives on Houxel. When he realizes that the SVE spaceship headed toward the black hole has Vanne on board, he teleports on board and rescues him. He also takes advantage of this opportunity to trick Hotrenor-Taak an confirm him in his belief that in a few months, the transmitter will be able to send all the Larens back to a galaxy of the Council.

Cedric Beust

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