835 - Rückkehr der Vernunft
Return of Reason
H.G. Francis

Ronald Tekener and Jennifer Thyron left for the planet Terzrock aboard the PHORA. The Haluter on board are still extremely aggressive despite the shielding devices to protect them on Terzrock from the broadcast of the cannibal crystals. They are planning to destroy the crystals. Tekener and Thyron want to protect the intelligent crystals and embark via transmitter back to Terzrock, accompanied by the Haluter Erger Darg.

Tekener succeeds in establishing mental contact with the crystal forest. The crystals store emotions and radiate it again intensified. That they produce the chaos on Terzrock, is known by the crystals, but they can not help it. But they show Tekener that there is still a chance: The Brindors who live in the world Nosar, just 23 light years from Terzrock. They are the most peaceful and most sluggish creatures that Tekener has ever seen.

Cornor-Lerz picks them up from Terzrock, just in time before they fall victim to a maniacal giant Haluter. Then the three spaceships go to Nosar and pick up a total of 4,000 Brindors. The Brindors are so sluggish, they do not even respond to a volcano that killls some of them.

The experiment succeeds: as the Brindors are brought to a larger crystal forest, they quickly lose their inertia. But the Haluter present are finally normal again and lose their aggression. Tekener and Thyron can also bring to a crystal forest Croor Ross, the leader of the aggressive Haluter.

Five months later, the situation has normalized again on Terzrock. And the Brindors are also helped. They have lost their inertia, which in the end would mean their doom. Tekener and Thyron now persuade the Haluter to go to the Milky Way with a fleet of 112 ships in support of the NEI and the GAVÖK. The Haluter install a time-slot in which the cell activators can be safely stored prior to mitosis radiation.

Arriving in the Milky Way, Croor Ross once again loses control of himself and engages a superior group of SVE spacers. His ship, the TORGORTH, remains as a wreck. Although Tekener and Thyron are saved, their cellular activators have been left behind on the destroyed ship. Just in time Tekener rescues them. He discovers that the time-slot stopped working and the mitosis-radiation has been turned off apparently, otherwise the cell activators would have long since exploded.

John E McClure 2015-08-15

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