834 - Rebell gegen ES
Rebel against IT
Ernst Vlcek

On Dhoom, the Larens are busy preparing an important event: the Celebration of the Source. However, Hotrenor-Taak is worried because he has heard of a conspiracy designed to kill him. No longer able to trust anyone around him, Hotrenor-Taak asks Kershyll Vanne to look after him and to identify the conspirators. If Hotrenor-Taak disappears, the Eighty-Year plan devised by the Keloskians might fail, so Vanne is forced to comply.

It is about to initiate Operation Pilgrim, which will transfer the seven billion Terran consciousnesses on Goshmo's Castle. To that effet, he recalls all the Concepts currently in existence, including Vanne. However, Vanne resists the call from It because he wants to stay and help the Terrans. It manages to remove six consciousnesses out of Vanne's body but he can't recall Vanne himself.

Despite Vanne's efforts, Hotrenor-Taak is kidnapped during the celebration but Vanne manages to locate him shortly before he gets incinerated in an energy field. At the last minute, both Vanne and Hotrenor-Taak are rescued by It. Later, Hotrenor-Taak identifies the conspirator as Maylpancer, the first Hetran himself, and the Laren has him killed.

Cedric Beust

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