829 - Die List des Terraners
The Cunning of the Terrans
William Voltz

Three months have gond by since the gravitational catastrophe and Perry Rhodan decides to go back to the Varbenian system, hoping to get answers from the Heavy Mage. When they arrive there, they find a Varbenian civilization in chaos that still hasn't recovered from the alteration of the gravitational constant. Even the Heavy Mage is having difficulties and needs to be rescued, something that even the few Hulkoo ships left in the system can't manage.

The Mage, who is also the Incarnation Vernoc, decides to ask the Terrans for help. In exchange, the three Terrans that were kidnapped will be returned. Rhodan demands more in return: the Earth must be freed from the Baby Majesty and the Hulkoos have to withdraw unconditionally from the Medallion system. Vernoc reluctantly agrees.

Actually, Rhodan intends to kidnap the entity to make sure that it will respect its part of the deal. The operation begins and as soon as the Terrans are admitted in the residence of the Heavy Mage, the incarnation is immobilized by powerful paralyzing guns. The incarnation, contained in a five-meter diameter sphere that has now turned black, is brought back on the Sol which then flees immediately. The Hulkoos understand they have been duped but they react too late.

Cedric Beust

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