828 - Götze der Wolklovs
The Idol of the Wolklovs
Kurt Mahr

Evacuated on Dhoom, Kershyll Vanne and the Keloskians continue to work on turning Arcur-Beta into a neutron star. This planet is occupied by the Wolklovs, an insectoid race that the Larens consider half-intelligent. The Wolklovs are busy building a gigantic representation of their god.

The Wolklovs are actually trying to find their ancestors and the idol is emitting strong hyperenergetic radiations that are disrupting the work of the Keloskiians. The Larens decide to attack the Wolklovs but because of Anson Argyris' intervention, their offensive fails.

Using the confusion caused by the battles, Scerp approaches Dhoom undetected and picks up Argyris on board.

Cedric Beust

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