827 - Der Mann von Barkon
The Man from Barkon
Clark Darlton

Ernst Ellert arrives on the station Mosa where he gets in touch with Tifflor to inform him of his mission. Tifflor sends hom on Fogha to meet with Mutoghmann Scerp, one of the GAVOK leaders, in order to work out an agreement between the GAVOK and the NEI.

On Fogha, Scerp discovers a transmitter where a man suddenly materializes. He calls himself Barkon, after his home planet, and tells Scerp that he is trying to modify his planet's fate by traveling through time using what he calls "Time Wells". Right now, he lost his way and has no idea where he is.

Ellert suddenly starts acting strange and tries to shoot Barkon. Then he steps into the transmitter and disappears. The man from Barkon soon follows him and destroys his base.

Ellert materializes in his tomb on the Earth but, quickly realizing the threat posed by the Baby Majesty, dematerializes again and starts wandering aimlessly again through time and space, looking for the Milky Way.

Tifflor tries to locate Ellert with the help of Harno but fails.

Cedric Beust

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