824 - Die Riesen von Halut
The Giants from Halut
H.G. Francis

Because of the Mitosis Radiation that prevents all cell activators from being in the Milky Way, Ronald Tekener and Jennifer Thyron are headed for the World of a Hundred Suns on board the Redhorse. They come across a fight between Halutian and Laren ships. After the battle, they pick up survivors from both sides and realize with surprise that the Halutians are four-meter high, a very unusual size for their species.

The Halutians behave very aggressively and threaten to kill the Terrans, but they are stopped at the last minute by Cornor Lerz, the commander of a Halutian ship that has just appeared and takes the Terrans on board. After Tekener told Cornor Lerz about the Mitosis Radiation, the spaceship heads for the planet Terzrock, in the Magellanic clouds.

Cedric Beust

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