817 - Statthalter des Bösen
Governor of Evil
H.G. Ewers

The three kidnapped Terrans wake up in captivity and one of them is questioned by the Heavy Mage, who is nobody else than Clermac. The Incarnation learns that whileRhodan is waging a war against the Baby Majesties of the galaxy, the rest of the crew doesn't completely agree with his position. When Clermac reports his findings to the other two Incarnations, they agree to give the Terrans a reprieve until they can learn more about Rhodan.

Dalaimoc Rorvic and Tatcher at Hainu arrive on Koriet but are soon captured by the Varbenians thanks to a device called the Gravitational Balance, which allow them to locate whenever a disruption in the gravity lines occur. Rendered helpless, Rorvic and Hainu see that their kidnappers are none other than Hulkoos, which makes them realize that the whole system is actually a bastion of Bardioc.

Unaware of what is happening on Koriet, Rhodan is invited on First Nest.

Cedric Beust

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