816 - Meister der Gravitation
The Masters of Gravitation
William Voltz

On its quest to destroy all the Baby Majesties of the galaxy Ganuhr, the Sol is the witness of a battle between Hulkoos and unknown spaceships. The Hulkoos destroy the opponents and disappear. The Terrans manage to salvage a ship and bring its sole survivor on board. His name is Koerlaminth and he is a Varbenian. The Varbenians have a special organ that makes them sensitive to the surrounding lines of gravitation. Also, the belt that Koerlaminth wears causes a shock on Atlan, who is reminded of Atlantis and his former lieutenant, Razarnon. Before dying, Koerlaminth reveals the location of his home, where the Sol heads there to return the body.

The whole episode is actually a trap laid out by the three incarnations from Bardioc: Clermac, Shernoc and Vernoc. Their final goal is to destroy the Sol and the Terrans once and for all.

The Sol reaches the home of the Varbenians, called the Nest. It is comprised of three solar systems. The Varbenians live on the planets Daccomion and Baytuin, around the sun First Nest. The Sol is invited to land on Wassytoir, the only planet of the sun Third Nest.

The Terrans are welcomed on the planet but soon, three of them are reported missing. The mutants think that the missing people have been taken on Koriet, the second planet of the sun Second Nest. Rhodan sends Dalaimor Rorvic and Tatcher at Hainu to their research.

In the meantime, Rhodan fails in his attempts to convince the Varbenians of the threat of an attack from Clermac. After hearing about the mysterious ruler of the Varbenians called the "Heavy Mage", Rhodan sends Atlan and Breiskoll to find him. They don't suspect that the Heavy Mage is none else than the incarnation Vernoc.

Atlan and Breiskoll are discovered by the Varbenians who, irritated by the fact that their hosts didn't respect their world, sends the human delegation back on the Sol.

Cedric Beust

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