815 - Der Sieben-D-Mann
The Seven-D Man
Kurt Mahr

The Laren scientists on Houxel determine that Arcur Beta will turn into a black hole in one year, as opposed to the several decades that were initially planned. Vonks, the Laren commander, confronts the Keloskians about their error and they admit that their abilities have been impaired. To fix this problem, they ask the Laren to allow a man they call the Seven-D Man to come on the station so he can help them in their calculations. Vonks asks them to explain the story of this person. The Keloskians disclose the story that they just invented.

This "Seven-D Man", also called Kershyll Vanne, was a crewmember of the Sol back when the ship was in Balayndagar. Shortly before the Sol destroyed the galaxy, the Keloskians captured Vanne and manipulated his brain so that it would become capable of thinking like Keloskians. Then they returned him to the Sol where his mission was to destroy the spaceship. The plan failed and Vanne was imprisoned. When the Sol reached the Milky Way, Vanne escaped and started looking for the Keloskians. Recently, he learned about Arcur Beta and he is now on his way to Houxel.

With his multiple personality, Vanne has come to the same conclusion as the Keloskians and when he reaches the base, his interrogation by the Larens confirms the story of the Keloskians.

The incorrect calculations made by the Keloskians cause another violent hyperdimensional storm to erupt and Vanne, a Keloskian and a Laren disappear. They materialize on a world in another universe, in the proximity of nine towers. The Keloskian tells Vanne that these towers are built by a race called the Ruin People. All they know about this race is that the towers emit powerful hyperradiations at regular intervals, which is probably what caused the rip in the space time continuum.

Riding the next pulse, the three men are brought back to Houxel where Hotrenor-Taak has arrived in the meantime. First suspicious about Vanne, Hotrenor-Taak's are cleared when the Concept manages to prove him that he is indeed capable of thinking like the Keloskians.

Vanne realizes that while planned initially for eighty years, the plan devised by the Keloskians to chase the Larens from the Milky Way will actually take four years, of which three have already gone by.

Cedric Beust

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