814 - Der Vario und der Wächter
The Vario and the Guardian
Ernst Vlcek

The Keloskians are brought on Houxel, a planet located at 3.8 light years from Arcur Beta. While they are relieved to no longer be exposed to the Howalgonium radiations, they realize that their ability to calculate in seven dimensions is still severely impaired, and the Laren commander of the base starts having suspicions when the Keloskians fail to predict a neutron storm currently hitting the planet.

On the Pleyst, still hidden in a nearby sun, Anson Argyris and Kershyll Vanne intercept a Laren message and realize that the Keloskians are in difficulty. Argyris takes a shuttle and approaches Houxel, where he locates subterranean installations that were built hundreds of thousands of years ago by an extinct civilization. He receives a message from the mysterious buildings asking him if he is the "Guardian of the Heroes". Argyris ignores the question.

The Larens detect Argyris and capture him. Thinking they are dealing with a satellite, they hand him over to the Keloskians, who then proceed to tell their story to the Vario 500: the evolution of the star is progressing at a much higher rate than planned, but they are now incapable of predicting what is going to happen.

Argyris communicates the situation to Vanne and decides to investigate the Necropolis. When he enters the abandoned maze, he is confronted with traps and tests destined to see if he's worthy of being the new Guardian of the thousands of heroes who are conserved in that place. Argyris manages to reach the center of the maze and uses a fictive transmitter to teleport the remnants of the heroes into Arcur Beta.

When he rejoins the Keloskians, he receives a message from Vanne, who is on his way to them.

Cedric Beust

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