813 - Im Strom der Ewigkeit
In the Stream of Eternity
Clark Darlton

When he finally locates the Solar System, Ernst Ellert is shocked to discover that the Earth is gone. He enters the transmitter and after rematerializing in the Maelstrom of Stars and not finding any more clues, decides to return into the Milky Way. The events that are happening around the star Arcur Beta draw him there and he enters the body of Vannes, the Concept sent by It. Without realizing what's happening, Vannes ejects Ellert from his body, and the disembodied spirit is cut loose again until it gets finally caught by It.

Ellert materializes in It's consciousness, who gives him some information about the recent events. The super-intelligence wants Ellert to contact Julian Tifflor, and to that purpose, he gives him a body and also the consciousness of a young genius kid called Ashdon.

Something goes wrong and Ellert/Ashdon rematerialize on a remote agricultural planet. Some time later, a spaceship commanded by a Gavok member called Marc lands on the planet and attempts to recruit some colons for the forthcoming rebellion against the Larens. Suspecting Ellert to be a Laren spy, Marc captures him and tries to interrogate him. Ellert manages to escape and, after taking control of the spaceship, heads toward a hidden NEI station codenamed Mosa North 444. From there, Ellert sends a message to Tifflor announcing him that he is back and that he needs to deliver a message from It.

Cedric Beust

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