812 - Der Howalgonier
The Howalgonian
H.G. Francis

On Goorn II, the Keloskians realize that the vast quantities of Howalgonium present on the planet impair their abilities to think in seven dimensions. They have to hide that fact from Hotrenor-Taak, though, or the Laren would probably decide to kill them. The Keloskians tell Hotrenor-Taak that a solution to the energy problem lies in a small star located at 8,000 light years from their current position. The Larens should turn this star into a black hole that would allow them to reach the Dakkardimension, where they could get in touch with the other races of the Council.

Meanwhile, a nuclear technician named Jaan Wegenrat becomes the victim of an accident that turns him into a being made partially of Howalgonium. Wegenrat deceives one of the Keloskians, who discloses the fact that the Keloskians are actually working for Perry Rhodan. Seeing this as an opportunity to leave Goorn II, Wegenrat attempts to tell Hotrenor-Taak about the conspiracy. The Keloskians manage to intercept him but using the Howalgonium on his body, Wegenrat accidentally incapacitates them. At this very moment, Laren guards enter the room and when they see the Keloskians unconscious, they kill Wegenrat instantly. Hotrenor-Taak then takes all the Keloskians with him to assist in the black hole operation.

On Gaia, Vanne tells Tifflor about the "Operation Pilgrim" designed by It, who intends to relocate the entirety of the NEI to the Earth. After hearing about the Larens gathering around an isolated star, Tifflor sends Vanne to investigate what is happening there.

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