811 - Begegnung auf Olymp
Meeting on Olymp
Peter Terrid

Vanne materializes on Olymp, where he soon meets with Anson Argyris. When Argyris realizes the importance of Vanne's mission, he gives him his full cooperation.

At the same time, several Laren spaceships report to Hotrenor-Taak that they can no longer refuel on Mastibekk's pyramids. After a quick investigation, Hotrenor-Taak realizes that the rebellion seems to be happening galaxy-wise.

In Gaia, the headquarters of the NEI, Roctin-Par informs Tifflor about what is happening with the Mastibekks. The Laren rebel wants to take this opportunity to head for Olymp and destroy a Laren fleet immobilized there. When he arrives on Olymp with his fleet, Roctin-Par can easily destroy the Laren spaceships and even manages to refuel his ships on the Mastibekk pyramid, proving that the Mastibekks seem to be rebelling only against the Larens led by Hotrenor-Taak.

Roctin-Par makes contact with Anson Argyris and takes Vanne on board. When they reach Provcon-Faust, Vanne is able to steer the spaceship through the dark cloud without the help of the Vincranians. On Gaia, he meets with Tifflor and tells him about It's plan, and also about what happened to the Earth.

All across the Milky Way, The Mastibekk's take off and leave.

Cedric Beust

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