808 - Chaos auf Lusamuntra
Chaos on Lusamuntra
H.G. Francis

The Sol reaches the planet Lusamuntra, where a Baby Majesty resides. The enslaved people is called the Dorls. The Terrans locate the brain and destroys it. As soon as the psychic radiation ceases, the whole population goes crazy and starts destroying methodically their habitations while mutilating themselves. A Terran commando lands and paralyzes them in an attempt to stop the slaughter.

One of the Dorls explains the reason for the situation: the Dorls are a very artistic people that used to be influenced by the radiations of a distant star. When the Baby Majesty enslaved them, it stifled their very nature. Now that they are free again, they feel the need to obliterate everything that once represented the Majesty.

On the Sol, Rhodan receives a report from Galto Quohlfahrt, who had been sent on a mission in a nearby system, and who seems to have gone through a rough time.

As the Dorls population seems to be finally recovering, a fleet of Hulkoo ship arrives in the system and forces the Sol to flee, leaving the small Terran commando stranded on the planet with twenty-four hours worth of air. The situation seems desperate, when a fleet of Choolks appears and destroys the Hulkoos. Puukar, who leads the fleet, meets Rhodan and tells him that from now on, he will assist the Terrans in their mission to destroy all the Baby Majesties. Rhodan doesn't immediately accept.

In an unknown place in space where cosmic fields intersect, the three incarnations Clermac, Vernoc and Shernoc, discuss the recent destructions of the two Baby Majesties and decide that as soon as the fourth incarnation -- Bulloc -- is born, they will strike back.

Cedric Beust

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