807 - Der Kampf um Terra
The Fight for Terra
H.G. Ewers

Partially under the influence of the Baby Majesty, Hainu learns that the incarnation is a direct servant of Bardioc without real personality. Hainu is fit with Brain Residue, like Bluff Pollard not long ago, but this has very little effect on him. Still looking for his companion, Rorvic meets with a Shapeshifter and manages to talk with the creature, which the humans once confronted in the Milky Way on the planet Moluk. The Gys-Voolberath -- their real name -- tells Rorvic that just like the humans with the Empress of Therm, they are following their own agenda, and that they are therefore not necessarily serving Bardioc.

Rorvic finally finds Hainu and together, they start an earthquake which kills the Baby Majesty by depriving it from iodine, a component that seems to be vital to its survival. Rhodan sends more people on the Earth, and assigns them the mission to lay the foundation for a new Solar Defense.

On the Moon, Naphoon -- the other Shapeshifter -- consults Nathan's database and learns about Moluk, concluding that in the past, other Shapeshifters once migrated to the Milky Way. After the Terrans find him, Naphoon escapes in a disc-shaped spaceship. Raphael, Nathan's emanation, appears and tells Bull that the positronic computer should be reactivated, but only partially, so as not to attract the Hulkoo's attention.

Three hundred Hulkoo spaceships arrive on the Earth, forcing the Sol to withdraw. On Raphael's demand, Bull, Danton and Waringer accept to stay on the Moon. Rhodan decides to wage war on Bardioc by seeking other planets enslaved by the Baby Majesties and to systematically destroy them.

Cedric Beust

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