806 - Der Marsianer und der MV
The Martian and the Shapeshifter
H.G. Ewers

On Intermezzo, Sagullia and Douc Langur both report that they met an unknown creature, who disappeared before they could figure out where it came from. On the Sol, Rhodan dispatches two teams: one made of Danton and Bull on the Moon, to investigate Nathan, and another commando led by Tschubai on the Earth, where the fight against the Baby Majesty begins.

On the Moon, Bull and Danton are deceived by a Shapeshifter, who takes Danton's shape.

On the Earth, the commando has to fight both Hulkoos and Shapeshifters, although the relationships between these two races is not quite obvious as they don't seem to be cooperating. When some of the Earth commando fall under the influence of the Baby Majesty, Pucky is sent on the Earth and manages to free them except for Hainu.

Cedric Beust

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