804 - Der Zeithammer
The Time Hammer
Kurt Mahr

On Intermezzo, an intriguing phenomenon hits the Terra Patrol: they turn into characters that used to live in the past of the Earth. One of them becomes an Inca princess and another one Iratio Hondro, the Plophosian dictator. The sickness is called "Time Hammer" by the Terrans, and it almost causes their downfall as Jentho takes off with the Baldwin Tingmer and almost opens fire on a Hulkoo ship that was doing a recon of the planet.

On Goshmo's Castle, a member of the Iti tribe discovers a new alien visitor -- who names himself Ofedam -- and makes him their new god.

The Sol approaches the Earth and quickly realizes that the human kind has vanished without a trace. The Terrans also realize the presence of the hostile mental impulse, and when they spot a Hulkoo ship in the vicinity, Pucky teleports on board and gets a glimpse of its commander, Gerogrosch.

The Sol flies to Goshmo's Castle where Rhodan finds traces indicating that Terrans must have been there not long ago. He sends a message on the Earth to find out if other survivors are available. The message is received by Raphael, who replies by explaining what has happened to the Earth since its fall in the Pharynx. A small commando is then sent to the Moon where a few enemy robots are standing guard. They are quickly disposed of and as Abel Waringer tries to restore Nathan, he also notices that the Aphilie is no longer in effect.

Cedric Beust

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