802 - Planet der toten Kinder
The Planet of the Dead Children
Clark Darlton

Pucky and Tolot land on Lugh Pure, where older Kelsirens are regularly dropped off by Choolk spaceships. They uncover vast amounts of black crystals that are piling up and emitting negative psychic waves. They meet with Zamya Lo, the leader of the Kelsirens on the planet, who tells them that the black crystals are increasing their power every day and that soon, guided by a black Comp that is hiding somewhere beneath the surface, they will turn into a negative Empress of Therm.

Zamya Lo asks Pucky and Tolot to help her locate the Comp, and she will take it from there. The Terrans accept and when they finally find the black Comp, Zamya Lo merges with it and manages to overpower it. The black crystals slowly disappear from the surface of the planet.

Cedric Beust

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