8 - Die Venusbasis
The Venus Base
Kurt Mahr

The Western Bloc rocket Greyhound is sent to the moon in order to scavenge the Arkonide wreckage for technology that will help rival the 3rd Power. The ship crashes, killing one of its crew. The survivors, Freyt, Derringhouse and Nyssen, detect an alien ship and fire missiles at it. It's the Good Hope carrying Rhodan and crew. Rhodan fends off the attack and, after speaking to Western Bloc leaders, enlists the 3 astronauts.

The Good Hope arrives at Venus and is immediately under attack by an unknown foe. The ship lands safely and a semi-intelligent seal race is found. Rhodan makes contact with the creatures who consider the new arrivals to be gods.

Rhodan, Reg Bell, Anne Sloan and Tako Kakuta set out across the jungle planet to search for the enemy's stronghold. Along the way, they encounter several dangerous forms of Venusian life, from giant worms to dinosaurs.

The group finally finds a cave complex where Tako is captured and submitted to interrogation by the commander of the base. The questioning leads to the Terran party being welcomed by the outpost. The complex is staffed by an army of robots led by the largest robot brain outside of Arkon's central brain.

The base is found to be the remnant of an Arkonide colonization mission. In addition to the Venus Base, there was an Arkonide presence on Earth that was destroyed by cataclysm (which Perry assumes was Atlantis), leaving the base unoccupied for 8000 years. The ruling brain has been waiting for a compatible human brain that it could work in concert with. Khrest explains that the appropriate brain was neither that of Thora or himself as one would assume. The robot brain found Perry's Arkonide-enhanced Terran brain to be the ideal one for its commander. Perry is now in complete and sole control of an Arkonide technological wonder.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-07

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