799 - Abschied von Terra
Exiled from Terra
Kurt Mahr

The members of the Terra Patrol decide to leave the Earth, as the psy field emitted by the Small Majesty in Namsos is becoming stronger every day. They discover an abandoned corvette in a secret base, but the spaceship needs some repairs. The Terrans also find out that the Hulkoos seem to be very sensitive to bright light, as their oversized eyes seem to indicate.

The corvette is finally repaired and the Terrans escape on its board and on the Hops, shortly before the Hulkoos invade their hideout. They first head for Goshmo's Castle where they pick up Bluff Pollard. Then the Terrans head for a small planet that Douc Langur located, seventeen light years away from Medallion. The planet is named Intermezzo and the Terrans establish their temporary quarters there, but they have the firm intention to come back to the Earth and chase the invaders.

On the Earth, an individual called Bosketch awakens and receives the psychic order to gather troops.

Cedric Beust

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