798 - Im Banne des schwarzen Kristalls
The Black Crystal
H.G. Francis

Since the teleporters are too affected by the radiations from the Comp, Rhodan sends Galto Quohlfahrt and the cosmopsychologist Joan Connerford to seek the Black Crystal carrier. Quohlfahrt reaches the Valley of Life and manages to locate and kidnap Puukar, the young Choolk infant. Connerford brings the Choolk to the Sol, but Quohlfahrt is captured.

The Comp offers Rhodan to exchange Quohlfahrt against Puukar, but the Terran refuses, even though the young Choolk is quickly gaining in strength and will soon be able to break free of his cell. However, the Comp eventually gives in and gives Rhodan coordinates.

After study, the scientists reach the conclusion that these coordinates represent the location of the Empress of Therm herself.

Cedric Beust

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