797 - Planet der Leibwächter
The Planet of the Bodyguards
Hans Kneifel

The Sol arrives on Alwuurk and the central section lands on the planet. The Comp is taken away and the Empress of Therm asks the Terrans to leave. Instead of complying, Rhodan raises the Paratron shield. Ras Tschubai and Pucky explore the planet and find out that the Choolks are divided in seventeen castes when they are born by a secondary Comp, which assigns the crystals. When they die, their crystal returns to the Comp, hence insuring that the population of the Choolk remains constant.

The teleporters penetrate in the Valley of Life, where the young Choolks are born, and they set off the alarm and steal an egg. The radiations of the Comp neutralize the teleporters, who are soon captured and then returned to the Sol. At the same time, a rare event happens in the Valley of Life: an egg hatches and is then exposed to the so-called Crystal of War.

Cedric Beust

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