796 - Der Kristallträger
The Crystal Carrier
Ernst Vlcek

On the Sol, Irmina Kotschistowa discovers Antapex, a mutant who had been hiding for years. Antapex has the ability to restore his organs and also seems to share some kind of connection witht he Comp. He warns Rhodan about a forthcoming danger coming from a crystal carrier called Choolk.

After flying for twenty-thousand light years, the Sol arrives in a deserted area of space where a fifty-meter spaceship surrounded by a ring soon appears. The pilot, who calls himself Choolk, comes on board the Sol to inspect the Comp. He says he is a bodyguard for the Empress of Therm -- which he refers to as Duuhrt -- and carries a crystal on his chest, that looks like the one on the Comp.

Choolk tells Rhodan that the plans have changed and that they must go to his homeworld, Alwuurk. Rhodan refuses and Choolk instructs the Comp to take over the Sol. The Comp deploys field lines across the Sol, allowing Choolk to move across the spaceship and to protect him with a force field that the mutants cannot seem to breach.

With the help of Antapex, Rhodan manages to go on board Choolk's spaceship, where he steals documents. The documents reveal that Choolk's peoples are subdued by their crystal, which are engraved in their chest by the Empress of Therm when they are born. Choolk becomes absorbed by the Comp and when a fleet of two hundred more ships appear, Rhodan has no choice but obey. The Sol heads for Alwuurk.

Cedric Beust

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