795 - Netz des Todes
Network of Death
Marianne Sydow

Vigeland, the third cell activator carrier, is made prisoner by his own crew who, afraid of the potential explosion, abandons him on the second planet of the Legga system. When Hotrenor Taak activates the destruction field, the cell activator explodes, killing the Etrusian. The other four cell activators, whose whereabouts were unknown until then, explode as well.

However, the Dark Cloud protects Tifflor from the radiation, and Hotrenor Taak realizes that his plan failed. He hasn't lost yet, though, because the radiation is now deployed all across the Milky Way, awaiting Rhodan's return.

When they detect the explosion, Ronald Tekener and his partner, Jennifer Thyron, realize that they can no longer go back to the Millky Way.

Michael Mahoney

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