794 - Zeitbombe Zellaktivator
Time Bomb Cell Activator
H.G. Ewers

On Rolfth, Hotrenor-Taak takes possession of Shilter's cell activator, causing the Etrusian's death. Shilter manages to make contact with Tifflor and explains Hotrenor Taak's plan: the Laren hopes that when Tifflor's cell activator explodes, it will give away the location of the NEI.

Tifflor learns about Frascati, who carries another cell activator. He flies to Fragile, the planet where Frascati has been spotted, and arrives as Vigeland just took Frascati's cell activator. The Etrusian tells Tifflor he wants to leave the Milky Way.

Hotrenor-Taak finalizes the cell activator exploder device, which causes an exponential multiplication of cells in human bodies, hence causing the cell activator to overheat and blow up. 30,000 SVE spaceships and 25,000 Heavy ships are then deployed across the Milky Way with the device on board.

When the NEI realizes that the radiation is operational, Tifflor flies away from Gaia and he sends Tekener, who has no idea what's going on, to the World of a Hundred Suns.

Cedric Beust

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