793 - Die Aktivatorjagd
The Activator Hunt
H.G. Ewers

Hotrenor Taak has launched the hunt for the three missing cell activators. The only known fact is that they are in the possession of three Etrusians, former members of the Carsual federation. One of them has settled on an ice asteroid.

A Terranian called Cedar Tautz learns about the hunt and decides to warn Runeme Shilter, one of the three Ertrusians. Cedar Tautz is actually a Shapeshifter called Undaak, who hopes that resisting the Larens will convince Rhodan to help him restore an order called the Tba.

Cedar Tautz arrives in the vicinity of the asteroid just as four SVE-spaceships capture Shilter, who is then taken to Rolfth. Tautz decides to contact the NEI to let them know what happened.

Cedric Beust

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