792 - Hilfe aus Zeit und Raum
Help from time and space
Clark Darlton

In the solar system, an agent of the NEI notices that the sun Goblin is emitting increasing five-dimensional radiations. The news is transmitted to Gaea where Tifflor and Tekener come to the conclusion that it might mean the sun is getting ready to accept an incoming transmission. Tifflor heads for the solar system to investigate.

The radiation is actually part of a complex plot of the Larens. Hotrenor-Taak has devised a way to emit a radiation that will cause cell activators in the vicinity to explode. But before he can deploy the trap, he needs to find a cell activator in order to adjust the frequency. Three cell activators are in the possession of three Heavies, which have never been found so far, but the Laren knows that Tifflor has one too, hence the trap.

On No,a small planet in the East Side sector, a colon finds Harno, the energetic creature that once helped the Terrans. Harno is running out of energy but manages to tell the colons about the Laren trap. The colons provide enough energy for Harno to teleport on board Tifflor's spaceship and let him know about the trap.

Cedric Beust

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