791 - Der Comp und der Kybernetiker
The Comp and the Cyberneticist
Kurt Mahr

Strange events start happening on the Sol: the food delivered to the crew no longer has any taste, Seneca makes mistakes in its calculations, etc... Joscan Hellmut receives the visit of a mysterious bright light that subjugates him. Abel Waringer soon realizes that not only is the Comp more than a data storage, it also seems to have taken control of the whole ship.

Waringer manages to slow down Seneca and by simulating the echoes of nearby Hulkoo spaceships, he forces the Comp to negociate with the Terrans. The Comp tells Rhodan that all it wants is to be taken to the Empress of Therm. The Comp passes a contract with the Terrans, but it soon betrays it by isolating Seneca in a force field and regaining control of the spaceship.

Rhodan has no other choice than to call a general evacuation of the Sol, hoping that the Comp will recognize that it needs the Terran crew to reach the Empress of Therm. The Terran shuttles enter the orbit of a planet they call Alamo and soon receive the order from the Comp to either surrender or be destroyed. One of the crewmembers stayed on board manages to sabotage the transform cannons on board the Sol, and when the Comp realizes that it cannot fire on the Terrans, it has to give in. The Terrans come back on board the Sol, which soon heads for coordinates that the Comp gave them.

Cedric Beust

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