790 - Das Geheimnis des Moduls
The Secret of the Module
William Voltz

As the Sol gets ready to enter the Cousterbouth cloud, Felmer Lloyd detects strong parapsychic skills in a young Sol-born person, Bjo Breiskoll. Lloyd takes the young mutant on board the central section of the Sol, which then flies inside the cloud.

With the help of Breiskoll, Rhodan finds the Module, which turns out to be a 220 kilometer big base located on a half-moon. The Hulkoos have already arrived there but Rhodan manages to land on the Module with a small commando, led by the researchers.

The scientists first look for an entity called s-Tarvior, which is the leader of a group of seventy scientists. The s-Tarvior acknowledges the Terrans as working for the Empress of Therm and lead them to the Comp, a tower-like structure that's thirty-two meter high, ten meter in radius and is mostly made of very thin crystal-like fibers.

The Terrans manage to take the Comp out of the Module and install it in the Sol.

Cedric Beust

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