788 - Eine Falle für das Modul
A Trap for the Module
Peter Terrid

When the Module approaches the Courstebouth star, it sets off a trap placed there by Bardioc. The trap ignites the sun and after the blast fades, a two light-year wide cloud surrounds the Module and incapacitates its linear engines. Shortly thereafter, a Hulkoo commander named Kaarmansch Xes patrolling in the area notices that the trap has been set off and notifies his superiors. Then he sends spaceship inside the cloud to destroy the Module.

Inside the cloud, the researchers of the Empress of Therm, who all exhibit a similar loss of memory as Douc Langur about their mission and who they work for, try to fight back. Several ships are destroyed and the Hulkoos capture a researcher. Others manage to get together and try to find the Module. The prisoner manages to cause some damage in the Hulkoo ship before he gets killed.

The Sol approaches the cloud and when Kaarmansch Xes detects it, he orders his fleet to withdraw from the cloud.

Cedric Beust

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