787 - Die Stunde des Rebellen
The Hour of the Rebels
Ernst Vlcek

Perry Rhodan lands on the second planet of the Kaylaandor system, while Atlan remains on the Sol. On the planet, Rhodan enters the Inner Circle, but he can clearly sense the veiled hostility of the Feyerdalians, who only cooperate because they are forced to. Rhodan receives confirmation from the Empress of Therm that the Terrans must find the Module, which contains vital information. In exchange, the super-intelligence will help the Terrans to locate the Earth. However, the Empress refuses to answer any questions related to Bardioc and she decides to hold Rhodan's group prisoner for no reason.

The fleet led by Qartane arrives in the Kaylaandor system but it remains hidden from the planets, which makes Atlan wonder about the intentions of the newcomers. Worried that Rhodan didn't give signs of life, Atlan dispatches Pucky and Ras Tschubai on the planet, while sending an ultimatum to the Feyerdalians to disclose the whereabouts of the Terran delegation. The mutants make contact with Rhodan but realize then that their parapsychic faculties have been neutralized.

Tehlarbloe lands on the planet as well and makes contact with Rhodan. He explains the situation to him and discloses the super-intelligence's intentions: the Empress of Therm is encouraging a conflict between the Terrans and the Feyerdalians, in order to see who will come out as the winner, and also in an attempt to shake the Feyerdalian people from its lethargy. This is the reason why the super-intelligence is keeping Rhodan and his group captive for the moment. Then Tehlarbloe leaves and returns on board of Qartane's fleet.

Atlan's ultimatum runs out and the Sol starts attacking the planet, although avoiding carefully to kill Feyerdalians. In the same time, Qartane's fleeet attacks and the Sol is forced to break off its three sections in order to fight back. A commando made of mutants lands on the planet and soon, the Feyerdalians are forced to capitulate. They eventually acknowledge Rhodan as the new emissary of the Empress of Therm and guarantee that the Feyerdalians will not get in the way.

Rhodan is now free to start the investigation on the disappearance of the Module.

Cedric Beust

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