786 - Rebell gegen die Kaiserin
Rebel against the Empress
Hans Kneifel

Tehlarbloe is a Feyerdalian researcher on Moeckdoehne, the Feyerdalian homeworld. He thinks that ever since his people started serving the Empress of Therm, they have lost their spirit of adventure and innovation. Therefore, he seeks a way to break what he deems is a slavery from the superintelligence. He is completing his work on a device that will deactivate all the observation elements that the Empress has scattered on all the planets that are under her control. As he is about to finish the device, his lab is stormed by the secret services, led by a Feyerdalian named Qartane, and he is arrested.

He is sentenced to have his memories erased, but soon thereafter, the news about what happened in Proehndome reaches Moeckdoehne. The Feyerdalians are stunned to learn that the Empress of Therm destroyed her own Contact Circle but most of all, assigned to a foreigner a task that should have been theirs. Seeing a competitor in Rhodan, the Feyerdalians decide to side with Tehlarbloe in order to destroy the Sol. The scientist completes his work on the device and they start neutralizing the observation elements one by one.

As the work progresses, Tehlarbloe is kidnapped by the Empress. He is taken to the Contact Cirle where the Empress tells him she wanted to know him better.

On the Sol, Rhodan decides not to follow the Empress's orders right away. They head for Kaylaandor, a system that contains another Contact Circle, where Rhodan wants to get in touch with the Empress in order to get more details.

As Qartane is about to take off with a big fleet in order to attack Rhodan, Tehlarbloe comes back and pretends that he has been kidnapped by their political enemies. Qartane can tell that something has changed in the scientist, but he can't really see what. The fleet takes off and heads for Kaylaandor.

Cedric Beust

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