785 - Die erste Inkarnation
The First Incarnation
William Voltz

In an attempt to protect the Terrans against the impulses from the Little Majesy in Namsos, Alaska experiments with the Grlko net, which in the past protected the humans against the effets of the Swarm. The experiment goes bad and Alaska falls under the influence from the brain. He hijacks the Hops and with Douc Langur on board, they both head for Namsos.

When they get there, Alaska is greeted by the Hulkoo commander, Progmyrsch, but Langur manages to escape. He decides to stick around, hoping he can free his friend from the aliens. Alaska is taken to a big spaceship where he meets with the Incarnation Clermac, which appears under the form of his interlocutor in a hovering bubble.

Clermac is at the service of Bardioc, along with two other incarnations called Shernoc and Vernoc. The incarnation tells Alaska that Bardioc is a powerful super-intelligence ruling over thousands of planets, each of them hosting a Little Majesty that subdues the population so they serve the super-intelligence. Bardioc is currently involved in a fight against the Empress of Therm, another super-intelligence. Bardioc intends to create a fourth incarnation, which will be more powerful than the other three.

During his questioning, Alaska removes his mask and he uses the ensuing chaos wreaked upon the Hulkoos to escape. Clermac decides to let him go, hoping Alaska will lead him to the other Terrans.

Back in Imperium Alpha, Alaska tells his compatriots everything he learned. The Terrans become very suspicious about Douc Langur, whom they think might be a spy sent by the Empress of Therm. Langur denies it and accepts to subject himself and his calculator, Logikor, to a thorough examination. The analysis of the computer reveals a network of crystalline threads, which rings a bell in Langur's mind, but his memory is still not coming back to him. However, his good will convince the Terrans that at least consciously, he's not their enemy.

Alaska begins to wonder if the abduction of the human race was not a preemptive move made in order to protect the Terrans. If they hadn't vanished, they would probably be under the influence of the Little Majesty by now.

Cedric Beust

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