784 - Die Rache der Feuerflieger
The Revenge of the Fireflies
Kurt Mahr

When the Terrans land on Goshmo Castle, they set off in search of survivors. While they are away, the Mucyrians, also called Fireflies, surround their spaceship and kidnap Bluff Pollard. The young man is still in a state of mental confusion after he got infected by the brain substance in Namsos, and the Mucyrians make him their new god.

The Terrans try to rescue him but Bluff tells them he wants to stay on Goshmo Castle. The Terrans learn from the Mucyrians that their station has been destroyed, but they decide to investigate anyway. They find out that four humans have been murdered but there is one survivor, a young woman called Vleeny Oltruun. The Terra Patrol now knows that it's only the people on the Earth who vanished, hence proving that the disappearance of the human race was not a natural phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the radiation of the giant brain reaches Terrania, and the Terrans realize that they will have to leave soon. Far away, the incarnation Clermac decides that the time has come to intervene on the Earth.

Cedric Beust

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