783 - Die Kontaktzentrale
The Contact Headquarters
H.G. Ewers

Rhodan learns that even though Proehndome is only one of seventy worlds that are a contact to the Empress of Therm, he's told by the Feyerdalians that if the headquarters were to fall within enemy hands, unrest would follow for the whole Feyerdalian civilization. His suspicions about the Word and the fact that they are Vernoc agents are met with hostility and all the Terrans except two are soon imprisoned to stop them from investigating.

The other two Terrans discover the body of a half-made Feyerdalian. They reach the conclusion that the Vernoc agents are shapeshifters similar to those that the Terrans once faced in the past, and that they probably intend to penetrate inside the headquarters by taking the appearance of one of them.

The Terran crew, helped by a robot, escape from their prison and rush to the headquarters. When they arrive, they realize that the enemy has already taken control of the base. Rhodan barely escapes the death from a shapeshifter who had taken the appearance of the robot. The alien dies when he touches Cesynthra's amulet, pronouncing two words: "Gys Voolbeerah" and "Tba".

Rhodan makes contact with one of the few survivors of the base, who tells him that the base will self-destruct soon. The unidentified entity assigns a mission to Rhodan: the Module, a star base collecting information on the points of contacts between the Spheres of Influence of Bardioc and the Empress of Therm, has broken down and needs assistance. Rhodan must fly to the coordinates given by the entity and rescue the Module. On board the module is a computer called Comp, which contains vital information for the Empress of Therm. The Terrans leave the base shortly before it explodes and are picked up by the Sol.

Cedric Beust

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