782 - Die Bucht der blauen Geier
The Bay of the Blue Vultures
H.G. Ewers

On the spaceship that is about to take them back to Caljoohl, the Terran crew discovers a mathematic pattern to the Feyerdalians language, which might be a key to understand their mentality. However, shortly before the spaceship takes off, they learn that they have been allowed to travel to Yuurmischkohn, the continent where the Inner Circle resides.

They are greeted by two Feyerdalians who call themselves the Rule Guardians. They exhibit ridiculous habits and postures, and their apparent pompousness puzzles the Terrans, who wonder why such foolish creatures would be allowed to be the contact point for the Empress of Therm. Rhodan learns that the Word is present on the island, and he decides to visit them without telling the two Guardians, who are too busy competing with each other for some unknown reason.

The troup is residing in the Bay of the Blue Vultures, where is also located the contact center. When Rhodan and his companion arrive there, they are attacked by former Rule Guardians who have turned mad, because of the psychological pressure that their position involved. While he's there, Rhodan discovers a small red disk covered with unknown symbols but cannot figure out its use. Also, he learns that the Word is already on its way to the Contact Center. Afraid that the emissaries of Vernoc might sever the link with the Empress of Therm, Rhodan and his companion hurry to get there before them.

Cedric Beust

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